High Country Hydro Tour

See New Zealand's past and future

Up to three people, three hours: NZ$240, including light snacks, driver, vehicle, fuel, insurance and taxes

During this off-the-beaten-track, three-hour tour of the Mackenzie Basin, you’ll see New Zealand as it once was. Visit favourite spots with a private guide to learn about the unique history and future of the region.


  •         Take in views of the Mackenzie Basin as yet undiscovered by tourists (so far)
  •         Learn about the incredible hydro project of the 60s and 70s (the biggest project of its kind in the world at the time)
  •         Get special access to a historical visual display
  •         View famous high-country stations
  •         Visit a salmon farm, feed the fish and taste sashimi fresh from the source
  •         Hear from local legends including our world-renowned neighbour who invented the jet boat
  •         Tour Twizel, a town built in two years that survived against the odds
  •         Learn how Lakestone Lodge was permitted to build on Lake Pukaki’s stunning shores

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