December 2013

Heading to the southern tip of South America with the help of an amazing tail wind

Heading to the southern tip of South America with the help of an amazing tail wind

For over seven years my husband, Mike and I had a life of freedom, travel and adventure. Mike’s job as an Exploration Geologist and my jobs in business management and event planning took us all over the world to some amazing countries and gave us invaluable experiences. We spent time in the Solomon Islands where we experienced its warmth, jungles and unpredictability. Later, in Mongolia for a year, while experiencing life in a Ger (a traditional round tent, also known as a yurt) we came upon the idea to start a glamping resort using the yurts back in our home country of New Zealand. We got as far as importing the yurts but then came across our dream block of land on the edge of Lake Pukaki in the South Island of New Zealand and fell in love with it. However it was in an extreme wind zone therefore completely unsuitable for the yurts. We still put in an offer for the block and thought we would decide where to go from there if and when it was accepted.

In the meantime we settled in a small, remote (by our standards) community in Australia which we loved. In between we travelled as much as possible to throughout Asia and Europe, primarily by bike as we both have a passion for cycle touring. Another reason we were drawn to the spot on Lake Pukaki as it directly beside the Alps2Ocean cycleway, a 300km trail that runs from Aoraki Mt Cook, New Zealand’s highest mountain to Oamaru, a small town on the coast. Between our jobs we returned to Timaru in the middle of the South Island, New Zealand and this is where out two beautiful young daughters Bailey and Alexis were born.

The South Island with its mountains, lakes and stunning scenery has always held fascination and challenges for both of us as we are outdoor people at heart. We were ecstatic when our offer of the block of land with stunning views across the lake to Aoraki Mt Cook was accepted. We decided to take the plunge and make a major lifestyle change by retiring from conventional employment and instead build a six bedroom lodge “Lakestone Lodge” on the site and be part of the building process. This would allow us to learn a huge amount about building and the end result would enable us to share this slice of paradise with others. Please feel free to follow us in our journey as we pursue our dream.


Posted by Anna