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New Electric Bikes for Lakestone Lodge

The Alps2Ocean cycle trail is the reason why we (the Bacchus family) chose Lake Pukaki as the location to build Lakestone Lodge. We absolutely love the cycle trail and are keen sponsors of it.

The idea of cycling 300+ kilometres isn’t what most people consider fun, even over multiple days, but luckily an evolution has happened with the introduction of E-bikes. This has made cycling more fun and accessible to a broader range of people. Now previously unimaginable distances and hill climbs have become achievable for most people.

As a keen cyclist I was sceptical as to whether I would like them but from the first ride I was sold. You can still put as much effort in as you like and can still easily work up a sweat on an e-bike if you like,  you just go further and faster than you would on a regular bike. They are also a great equaliser between couples where one is a passionate cyclist and the other not so keen. With the reluctant cyclist on an E-bike they can both cruise at the same speed.

Lakestone Lodge has just purchased a fleet of top of the line Melo Yelo E-bikes which are designed by kiwis for NZ cycle trails like the Alps2Ocean. They have a very comfy setup as well as powerful motors and the biggest batteries commonly available on E-bikes which will have no problems doing our favourite Twizel loop (40km) or a ride from/to Mt Cook (63km), Tekapo (43km) or Lake Ohau (53km) on the trail.

We can organise shuttles as well as luggage transfers to the next hotel.

Due to the cost of E-bikes we do hire them out at $60 per half day or $100 per whole day. 

Lakestone Lodge also have a fleet of 6 good quality Specialized mountain bikes which are free to use around the shores of Lake Pukaki on the Alps2Ocean Cycle Trail (there is a small cost for full day use). 

Talk to us about your Alps2Ocean plans.

Posted by Anna Bacchus on February 05, 2021