Winter Wonderland

Work has progressed on the lodge over the past few weeks while we have continued to keep an eye on the sky and the weather report. We would have loved to have had the building weather tight now that we are officially in Winter. The majority of the work lately has been fixing tens of thousands of screws, nails, bolts and bracing brackets to withstand the extreme winds that can hit this area (designed for well over 200km/h). With two thirds of the roof in place and some of the ply around the outside we are getting it close to being protected from the weather but not close enough. Last week there was a large snowfall right through the Mackenzie Basin and the South Island including the site of Lakestone Lodge. There was so much snow that we were able to get in a bit of snowboarding on the site which was a great distraction. The temperatures are continuing to drop with weather at Lake Pukaki last night recorded at -20 degrees. It has been an education for us that it gets that cold in New Zealand so we are pretty thankful we have designed the lodge to maximise the winter sun – believe it or not it still makes an appearance and a big difference to internal temperature. Along with 2 large fires, underfloor heating, extra thick insulation and the best double glazing combined with some quad glazing it should make the lodge roasty toasty in winter (and cool in summer). I look forward to this time next year when we can update this blog from inside the lodge.

In the meantime work continues outside as Colin Hunter our builder, Mike and Nikki head out into the cold to carry on with the build. The weather is still -7 and its midday.