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Lakestone build


2014 has been a tumultuous year for the Bacchus Family as we move away from the security of full time employment, into the realm of the unknown as we move towards our dream of building a luxury lodge on the beautiful shores of Lake Pukaki in the shadow of Mount Cook on the South Island of New Zealand.

Progress to date has been painfully slow all the more so because we have now relocated to Twizel (the nearest town to the site) and are ready to go but it is out of our hands.

Land purchased – check
Finished our day jobs – check
Moved to the nearest town, ready for the build – check
Builder sourced and ready to go – check
Site prepared for the building – check
Surveyed the building profiles – check
Landscaping commenced – check
Water bore drilled to 96m – check
30,000L Water tank connected – check
Permits granted – no where near check yet!

So as you can see we are more than ready to get on with things and although we had heard from everybody we spoke to that the consent process always takes longer than you imagine, we were convinced that we were immune to these delays. We were putting our every waking thought into it, how could we be held up – we realise our naivety as we watch 2014 come to a close and we are still waiting…………………

Posted by Anna Bacchus on October 14, 2014